•  «The graffiti artist and writer from the CARIBES crew has been leaving us speechless for many months now with his full-color sketches. Luckily Senk saved one of the best ones exclusively for MTN-World, presented here with a video of the process.» Herunder kan du se flere av SENK sine kunstverk   * Kjøp tegnematerialer […]

  • «Christoffer Henriksen var elev på linjen Grafisk Design her på Skjeberg FHS i skoleåret 2019-2020 og er en dyktig artist. Han er selvlært innen ulike felt, og han har erfaring med ulike prosjektoppdrag – både private og for næringslivet. Han har utført graffiti kunst i offentlige bygninger, nybygd bowlinghall, MESH-lokale i Oslo, og han har […]

  •  «In our series STUDIO WORKS we visit artists with a background in graffiti and/or street art in their studios. Get inspired by their works and techniques in these short videos focusing on their work process. In this episode we have graffiti writer SPUK painting a Berlin S-bahn canvas with markers and airbrush.» ** Kjøp […]

  •  «We published a video on the official Instagram of Montana Colors where Stain makes the most of the MTN 94 Graphic and Technical Markers in a spectacular sketch. Today we present to you the full video which also includes the reproduction of the illustration on a wall.»

  •  «We’re closing up the saga of MTN markers videos with Albhe, Ma Money, and Sarayk DKB with a production dedicated specifically to the MTN Water Based Markers in the studio. Adequate for almost every surface, the Madrid dwellers demonstrate their ways of using them with the expertise and style that their known for. As […]

  • «Montana Colors presents the Water Based Markers range: ideal for artistic works, crafts and fine arts. This type of product’s versatility is limitless and the multiple ways to apply it just depend on your imagination. Available in different tips: 0.8 1.2 3, 5, 8 and 15mm. The range consists of 20 colors with the following […]

  •  «Last summer parts of the FOURS crew traveled to the city of Barcelona. Eskae, Roachi and Trace made the most of their trip and made a visit the facilities of Montana Colors in addition to, as expected, do what they do best. Eskae545 of Miami, Trace of New York and the Australian Roachi, also […]

  •  «Naples is one of the European capitals of graffiti, but also one of the most authentic Italian cities in terms of landscape, cuisine and urban life. This is about four writers from the Iberian Peninsula that went there to leave their names behind and enjoy a few days of adventure and fun.»

  •  «A continuation of the renowned Probation Vacation series, The Caucasus documents Utah & Ether’s travels to the capital cities of Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan, and reveals an intimate look at painting the metro systems of the region.»


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