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  • 125,00 kr inkl. mva

    KRINK K-75 Permanent Paint Marker

    «22ml capacity. 6 colors; Alcohol-based paint is permanent and opaque. Excellent for use on glass, metal, coated paper, and painted surfaces.
    7mm chisel tip writes on most surfaces. A classic style paint marker using safer alcohol-based paints. Great for smooth surfaces.
    Handmade in the USA.»

    Conforms to ASTM D-4236. Prop 65 compliant.
    Warning: Flammable and may cause irritation. Keep away from children.

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  • 285,00 kr inkl. mva

    New York writer and artist Craig KR Costello, founder of the KRINK brand, became known for his famous giant fire extinguisher tags. He thus popularized a movement that is still carried today by the most radical writers.

    The KRINK Compact Sprayer is a minimalist DIY version of its pump sprayer: you mount the device directly on any plastic bottle, for example soda (bottle not supplied).

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  • 265,00 kr inkl. mva

    «Reissue of the original 8oz bottle of Krink Black mop ink. It was one of the first products released by Krink in NYC. Each glass bottle is hand-filled and labeled.

    Matte Black
    8oz/235 ml capacity. Ink is opaque, slow drying.
    For use with the KRINK Black 4oz Mop only.

    Handmade in the USA.
    Warning: Contains petroleum distillates. Contains harmful solvents. Flammable. Harmful if swallowed. Keep away from children.
    For professional use only.»

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  • 75,00 kr inkl. mva

    20mm rund erstatningstupper til bruk med KRINK 4oz Mop (Silver eller Black) – 3 stykker

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  • 175,00 kr inkl. mva

    KRINK K-66 Steeltip Paint Marker

    «The K-66 paint marker features a super-durable, steel-ball tip capable of writing on almost any surface, rough or smooth. Filled with 60 ml of original KRINK paint.

    Krink is alcohol-based and does not contain harmful solvents. Xylene free. Conforms to ASTM D-4236. Handmade in the USA.»

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  • 155,00 kr inkl. mva

    «A Krink original and now classic, the K-60 paint marker employs a valve action nib and squeezable body to give the artist incredible flow control of premium Krink in high-quality, opaque colors. This innovative and best-selling marker uses a broad, round tip to provide smooth, consistent coverage for large areas. Filled with 60ml of original top quality KRINK paint.

    Highest quality. Handmade in the USA. Xylene free. Conforms to ASTM D-4236. K-60 bottles are recyclable (#2 resin code) HDPE plastic 2oz/60ml»

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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