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    «The Poliedric One.
    AQUA PRO PAINT 100 is synonym of multi-functionality. Supplied in a shockproof plastic bottle, is born to refill our GROG Turquoise Label markers. 100 ml of a water-based highly pigmented acrylic paint, optimized for POINTER, CUTTER and SQUEEZER markers, AQUA PRO PAINT 100 can be used with brushes or airbrush too. If you are looking for a weather resistant, permanent, super opaque and deep matt finish formula, this is for you. Ideal for both porous and non-porous materials, works like a charm on dark surfaces.»

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  • 120,00 kr inkl. mva


    «The new enamel paint line from Grog.
    At first available in black, white and silver only, Grog Full Metal Paint is now getting rich of 13 new colours, three of them fluorescent. Thanks to its new formula, the colours are bright but also permanent, highly covering and with a finish so glossy you could see your reflection in it! Also, the Full Metal Paint shades can be blended between them, in order to obtain always new and personal colours. Full Metal Paint is perfect to refill any marker but it gives its best in couple with Grog Squeezer.»

    GROG Paint fra Italia – 200ml Super Permanent blank maling som er nesten umulig å få vekk etter at den har tørket. Tilgjengelig i 19 forskjellige farger.

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  • 120,00 kr inkl. mva

    «The Grog bleed-through.
    Born in 2004 in total black only, Grog Buff Proof Ink is made for all the radical handstylers. Grog Buff Proof ink resist to many chemical and atmospheric agents, it has an unbeatable flow and, thanks to the new formulation dyes, it bleeds thru the surfaces even if covered by 8 layers of paint!»

    GROG Ink fra Italia – 200ml Super Permanent blekk, tilgjengelig i 4 farger
    «Ultra strong, guaranteed to leave a shadow when buffed…»

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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