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    «Booster is the secret Street Killer Ink ingredient, the magic dust that makes the ink more powerful than ever.
    8 grams of pure power, Booster gives something extra to your inks: once added to your favourite ink, it gets deep on porous surfaces, making your mark more resistant to buffi and protects from the sun for longer, thanks to anti-UV filters.
    If you want the most out of your Booster, let it sit all night before use: the chemical reaction will be even more devastating!
    One bag is ideal for 4 bottles of 200 ml product.»

    The Grog Ink SKI, known as Street Killer Ink, has the toughest formula in the Grog range:

    • Extremely opaque indelible marking, 4 colors.
    • Resists the most aggressive solvents.
    • Most of the time leaves a «ghost» trace after buffing.
    • Instantly drying.
    • Fluid and regular flow: the surface to be marked is deeply penetrated.

    The Grog SKI is offered here as a Booster. This ultra-concentrated powder bag is a powerful colorant that can be mixed with any alcohol-based ink.

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  • 45,00 kr inkl. mva

    Refilling tool for our Paint & Ink Refills.

    «With its skinny spout, REFILLER 01 EPT is a flow-control screwable dispenser. It can be easily applied on any GROG refill and, thanks to its anti-leak closure, any filling experience will be trouble free. REFILLER 01 EPT is born to work in combination with all our refills.

    Single Unit packing.»

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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