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  • 45,00 kr inkl. mva

    New and improved formula!

    OTR.184 is super permanent alcohol-based high-quality pump-valve marker with a 15mm tip.

    Multi-purpose use! For indoor & outdoor use. Works on paper, metal, plastic, glass, and stone. Can be used on canvas, walls, mixed media, and many other surfaces. Best on smooth and dust-free surfaces!

    Use the OTR.984 to refill or any other inks and paints.

    15mm tip, alcohol-based ink, multi-purpose use!

    • glossy
    • fast drying
    • alcohol-based
    • super permanent
    • scratch- and UV-resistant
    • weatherproof
    • xylene-free

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  • 25,00 kr inkl. mva

    «Uncompromising quality, highest professional standards, and functional usage make the OTR.1 Draft markers unique and amazingly practical to use.

    The OTR.1 Bullet Liner is perfect for outlines and sketching; very little bleed makes it a clean and efficient tool for illustrators, designers and artists alike.

    All OTR.1 marker points are manufactured in Japan from sturdy and steady resistant polyester.

    Solid recyclable plastic parts with a smooth and pleasant surface are used for the OTR.1 marker series.

    Owing to the most modern technology MADE IN GERMANY, stability of the colors and writing length are guaranteed, by precise electronic filling and dosage.
    Water-free, quick drying and non-run / bleed ink.»

    * Høy kvalitets profesjonnell design produkt
    * Funker veldig bra med alle typer papir og blør ikke
    * Permanent blekk, og best av alt – påfyllbare! :)

    1-BUL = OTR.1 Bullet Tip (1mm tupp)

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 70,00 kr inkl. mva

    Neon Fluorescent farger som reagerer til UV lys. Høy kvalitet maling fra On The Run.

    «Super permanent paint with high gloss and extremely high opacity.

    The OTR.060 is the world’s most popular graffiti marker since 1998. It has proven itself millions of times, evidenced also by being the most counterfeited Graffiti tool ever. The original’s reliability and quality made in Germany are appreciated in more than 50 countries.

    Until today, the OTR.060 is made unique by the precise processing and continuous improvement of its components, which are developed to the highest industrial standards.»

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 30,00 kr inkl. mva

    EMPTY / 10 ml Mini – STEEL BALL TIP: 5 mm

    – replaceable, indestructible high quality steel ball tip

    Refillable with OTR inks & paints
    Also works with any ink, acrylic, latex & water-based paint, oil paint, wallpaper glue, etc.

    . multi-surface
    . all-purpose

    Recap after use and get on the run!

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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