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  • 299,00 kr inkl. mva

    Limited Edition André Saraiva, 500 worldwide.

    The Swedish-Parisian artist, known in the graffiti world as simply “André”, has once again adapted his signature character called Mr. A to the Montana Limited Edition format. Following the striking supernova pink can that came out in 2018, the grinning face of his emblematic cartoon is stretched to perfectly fit a 400 ml aerosol of Glossy Black Montana Colors paint.
    An empowering statement accompanies the design, leaving us in no doubt regarding André’s attitude towards the revolutionary capabilities of the humble aerosol: “THIS IS NOT A SPRAYCAN. THIS IS A TOOL OF OUR FREEDOM.” The artist has always maintained a respect towards street writing, as he states in the promo clip also published today. “Graffiti is just outside, and illegal. What you do inside is more time, it tells maybe the story of your past graffiti.”

  • 119,00 kr inkl. mva

    “Decorative paint composed of acrylic resins to give a marbled appearance to any type of surface. It can be applied to metal, most plastic surfaces, stone, ceramic, glass and other previously painted surfaces.
    This paint is very opaque and spreads over the entire surface thanks to fine threads of colored lacquer, thus imitating the characteristic veins of marble.
    Warning: this paint only allows you to create the veins of the marble, so you will have to paint on a surface previously painted in black or white depending on the shade of veins chosen.”

  • 119,00 kr inkl. mva

    “Bright anti-corrosion spray paint.
    High coverage and insulating, it is composed of high quality resins and pigments, as well as rust inhibiting agents.
    This format (400ml) is available in black, white and green.
    It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for all rusted or bare metal surfaces.”

  • 35,00 kr inkl. mva

    Full funksjonell 30ml versjon av den populære MTN Hardcore.

  • 70,00 kr inkl. mva

    * Høy trykk for stor areal dekning; 20 forskjellige farger – blank maling
    * Tykk og pigmentfull maling som dekker veldig bra
    * Praktisk størrelse når mann har litt mer dårlig tid
    * Den originale spanske MTN høy kvalitets maling produkt. En Pink Fatcap inkludert i prisen

    “Our traditional Mega (600 ml) has been reformulated with an improved opacity, a faster dry – perfect for incoming winter conditions, 6 new colors, and a fresh restyled design.

    The potent firing of the new Mega Colors with its power in covering provides a fat line most efficiently made with the Pink Fat Cap. The new qualities of our Mega Colors offers different possibilities with the rest of our MTN caps, for example the long reach you can get from combining the new can with the Needle Cap.”

    * Mer info og detaljer her: MTN Mega 600ml Info

  • 299,00 kr inkl. mva

    Limited Edition JULIONE, 500 worldwide.

    ” Montana Colors is proud to present the MTN Limited Edition in tribute to the young writer Julione. The financial benefit that Montana Colors receives from the sales of this very special collectible product will go to the “Zero Plant” project promoted by ANDEX, the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer.

    It has been a year since the young writer Julione left us and it is still just as difficult to assimilate his absence. So to pay tribute to this charismatic boy and his exemplary struggle and that of his family, Montana Colors has dedicated a Limited Edition to his name. And what better way than to honor his memory by linking this product to an initiative that helps all those who go through a situation similar to the one he went through?

    This Limited Edition can goes beyond a simple collector’s item that helps to remember Julione and his great graffiti, since all the profit that Montana Colors receives from the sale of these unique aerosols will go to the Zero Plant project carried out by the Andalusian association ANDEX.”

    • I tillegg til dette gir vi 100,- til Kreftforeningen Norge for hver solgte Julione LTD Edition. (0,- av 100,- gitt – 25/06/2021)
  • 299,00 kr inkl. mva

    Limited Edition SATONE, 500 worldwide.

    “Despite being born in Venezuela, the public generally identifies Germany as SatOne’s territory. SatOne is undoubtedly one of Germany’s street artists with the longest and most prolific career. His curriculum is marked by a particularly innovative style, which has been evolving in his own language since 2000. The Limited Edition that bears his signature, responds to a very specific concept that is framed in the current work of SatOne. In addition, this spray includes a small novelty: it is the first MTN Limited Edition spray with Water Based paint.

    SatOne began painting in 1991, first making a point of mastering the rules of figuration before developing his own and distinctive visual language. From 2000 on, his quest for freedom and esthetic researches brought him to deconstruct the artistic principles he had learned, constantly leading him towards abstraction. Since then, the focus is on the impressions of objects, how they communicate with the viewer and how they are interpreted through compositions of volumes and colors. In addition to his mural and studio work, he created a series of 100 SatOne logos which will be released in a publication later this year. The main idea behind the book is to speak about the context of the pieces and their immediate environment in which they were created.”

  • 179,00 kr inkl. mva

    Decorative paint specifically designed to convert any type of glass into a mirror. For a mirror / shiny chrome effect the paint must be applied to the back side of the support (opposite side from the part to be converted)

  • 60,00 kr inkl. mva

    * 400ml, high-gloss and highly opaque

    * not abrasion-proof, with limited permanence and UV resistance

    * fast-drying and high output; no mixing balls

    * patented MOLOTOW™ technology: anti-drip™, no-dust™, covers-all™, all-season™
    (-10°C until +50°C)

    “As the first spraycan worldwide without mixing-balls no other action-spraycan ever gained a similar status as the MOLOTOW™ BURNER. The unmatched chrome-quality with long-lasting color-brilliance with ultra-high gloss and the ingenious all-season™ setting for complete weather- and temperature-independence do their part to spread the legendary reputation of the BURNER-series. All BURNER-cans come with Flowmaster-valve™ and FatCap. Like all MOLOTOW™ cans BURNER™ is overkill-proof, too. Function guaranteed even with extreme temperatures.”

  • 99,00 kr inkl. mva

    Ethyl alcohol 70% aerosol. Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting all types of surfaces including glass, metals, plastics (e.g. methacrylate), laptop screens, home furniture, computers, indoors and outdoors vehicles, glasses etc. In addition to its disinfecting power, this product also makes it possible to easily get rid of glue residues, grease or ink stains.

  • 99,00 kr inkl. mva

    Product formulated with oils, solvents and additives. Great penetration, lubrication and protection of metals against corrosion. Very good results in loosening of metal parts. Displaces moisture to effectively prevent short circuits and help start engines. Can access hard to reach areas thanks to its long diffusor tip. Compatible with all kinds of oils and greases.

  • 65,00 kr inkl. mva

    Tilgjengelig i svart og hvitt; det eksklusive 500ml-formatet for Nitro 2G 500ml gjør det til et svært nyttig verktøy for de mest krevende graffitimalere. Den er spesialdesignet for å dekke over sølv (Silverkiller), og de ekstra 100 ml garanterer ekstra god varighet sammenlignet med den vanlige 400ml-størrelsen.

  • 109,00 kr inkl. mva

    Water-based glitter varnish that dries quickly and is weatherproof. Gives a glistening and iridescent effect to many surfaces like iron, steel, plastic, wood and expanded polystyrene. Suitable for indoor use and in less ventilated spaces.

  • 119,00 kr inkl. mva

    Single layer synthetic metallic spray paint.
    Ultra-shiny, it is composed of high quality resins and metallic pigments for a chrome metallic finish.
    It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for all media.

  • 490,00 kr inkl. mva

    For å feire 25-årsjubileet for MTN Hardcore, den aller første spraymaling som er designet spesielt for utøvelse av graffiti, tilbyr Montana Colors en Genser i en begrenset vintage utgave som bruker den originale 90-talls rutete designet.

    • Trofast gjengivelse av logoen foran.
    • Tykk 100% bomull Sweatshirt.
    • MTN-etikett synlig på bunnen.
    • Begrenset årgangsutgave.

  • 290,00 kr inkl. mva

    For å feire 25-årsjubileet for MTN Hardcore, den aller første spraymaling som er designet spesielt for utøvelse av graffiti, tilbyr Montana Colors en T-skjorte i en begrenset vintage utgave som bruker den originale 90-talls rutete designet.

    • Trofast gjengivelse av logoen foran.
    • Tykk 100% bomull T-skjorte.
    • MTN-etikett synlig på bunnen.
    • Begrenset årgangsutgave.

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