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  • 55,00 kr inkl. mva

    * «All-pressure valve»: lav til høytrykk avhengig av hvor hardt du trykker på dyse; velg selv hvor mye maling som kommer ut av sprayboksen; du har full kontroll over produktet og det føles.
    * Utrolig bra dekning i alle sine 199 farger (inkl. sølv og gull)
    * Tørker veldig fort; matt maling
    * Testet i -14 grader, uten problem
    * Hver MTN 94 følger med en Pocket Original dyse

    * Se komplett fargekart her: MTN 94 Fargekart (oppdatert 2018)

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 53,00 kr inkl. mva

    «Invented in 1994 by Montana Colors Spain, the MTN Hardcore was to be the very first spraycan designed specifically for graffiti art, by graffiti artists.

    In 2012, a whole 18 years later, it is at last time for a new upgraded version of the long time classic Hardcore.»

    * Sjekk ut komplett fargekart her eller få mer info i produkt beskrivelsen under: HARDCORE 2 FARGEKART

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 69,00 kr inkl. mva

    Praktisk 300ml sprayboks – innendørs og utendørs vann-basert matt maling; lav trykk  for optimal kontroll og enklest mulig bruk.
    Vask bort flekker og søl innen 20 minutter med varmt vann og såpe. 100% permanent og vannavstøtende etter å ha tørket.
    NYHET: Nå tilgjengelig i 94 farger (46 nye farger)
    Tips: ikke la dysene være igjen på boksene etter bruk. Snu boksen opp ned og trykk på dysen til det er bare gass som kommer ut. Dette gjør at dysen varer lengre og ikke tetter seg etter bruk.

    * Mer info og detaljer her eller i produkt beskrivelsen under: MTN Waterbased 300ml

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 70,00 kr inkl. mva

    * Høy trykk for stor areal dekning; 15 forskjellige farger – blank maling
    * Tykk og pigmentfull maling som dekker veldig bra
    * Praktisk størrelse når mann har litt mer dårlig tid
    * Den originale spanske MTN høy kvalitets maling produkt. En Pink Fatcap inkludert i prisen

    «Our traditional Mega (600 ml) has been reformulated with an improved opacity, a faster dry – perfect for incoming winter conditions, 6 new colors, and a fresh restyled design.

    The potent firing of the new Mega Colors with its power in covering provides a fat line most efficiently made with the Pink Fat Cap. The new qualities of our Mega Colors offers different possibilities with the rest of our MTN caps, for example the long reach you can get from combining the new can with the Needle Cap.»

    * Mer info og detaljer her: MTN Mega 600ml Info

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 45,00 kr inkl. mva

    MTN Waterbased 100 har alt som gjorde suksessen til WB300 men nå i miniatyrformat.

    Giftfri, lett og svært enkel i bruk, MTN Waterbased 100 er ideell for workshops og kunst maling med barn. Størrelsen passer perfekt inn i deres hender. Men bruken stopper ikke der; disse boksene er også godt egnet for artister, fagfolk og DIY entusiaster som ønsker å bruke en liten mengde maling og unngå å fylle sine hyller med halvtomme bokser.

    * Mer info og detaljer her eller i produkt beskrivelsen under: MTN Waterbased 100ml

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 60,00 kr inkl. mva

    «Spectral semitransparent colors used to create effects and depth.
    The most popular spectral Alien colors are now available in a 400ml format with a matte finish.
    Softer tones, homogeneous spray.»

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 75,00 kr inkl. mva

    «As the first spraycan worldwide without mixing-balls no other action-spraycan ever gained a similar status as the MOLOTOW™ BURNER. The unmatched chrome-quality with long-lasting color-brilliance with ultra-high gloss and the ingenious all-season™ setting for complete weather- and temperature-independence do their part to spread the legendary reputation of the BURNER-series. All BURNER-cans come with Flowmaster-valve™ and FatCap. Like all MOLOTOW™ cans BURNER™ is overkill-proof, too. Function guaranteed even with extreme temperatures.»

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 60,00 kr inkl. mva

    MTN Nitro 2G 400ml matt svart; dekker alt, alltid – også sølv.
    Soft valve, skinny universal med på kjøpet. Perfekt til outlines og mye mer.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 60,00 kr inkl. mva

    MTN 94 Flouriscerende farger som reagerer til UV lys.
    * «All-pressure valve»: lav til høytrykk avhengig av hvor hardt du trykker på dysen; velg selv hvor mye maling som kommer ut av sprayboksen; du har full kontroll over produktet og det føles.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 39,00 kr inkl. mva

    * Nytt design / logo av Os Gemeos og 150ml størrelse
    * 2G og MTN 94 valve teknologi
    * Leveres i 6 forskjellige farger samt en original dyse
    * Den originale spanske MTN høy kvalitets maling produkt

    – Mer info her: MTN Pocket 150ml

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 80,00 kr inkl. mva

    MTN Maximo 750ml sprayboks fra Montana Colors Spania.
    Høy trykk, blank maling. Utmerket til maling av større arealer, og dekker veldig bra. Tilgjengelig i svart og krom. En formfett Pinkdot Fatcap følger med hver boks. Største størrelse sprayboks tilgjengelig på markedet.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 70,00 kr inkl. mva

    A paint’s opacity can vary greatly depending on what type of surface it is being applied to. Which is why we always extensively test our products in the conditions and on the surfaces it will be used. With this new formula we have achieved a perfect equilibrium between opacity and density.

    A stable and uniform composition for a 600ml, which permits the can to maintain constant pressure right to the end. Giving the Mega the ability to achieve wider lines with better coverage than ever before, thus fully optimising its performance.

    This new formula also permits optimum functionality in even the most extreme weather conditions. Fully tested as low as -15 C and above +35 C.
    – Superb in extreme weather conditions
    – Ultra Fast drying times
    – High Coverage
    – Thicker, wider lines
    – Uniform lines from beginning to end

    * Mer info her: MTN MEGA SILVER

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 85,00 kr inkl. mva

    «Now, the most powerful spray paint on the market with its characteristic bevelled spray line is available in a range of 8 different colors. To accompany the 2G Black and “Chrome” Silver, we’ve added
    · White, Light Yellow, Vivid Red, Paris Green, Anonymous Violet, and Electric Blue.

    The possibilities of this excellent spray paint have just been multiplied, making it possible to create enormous calligraphy or quickly fill in large surfaces.»

    Product Info
    Technical Data Sheet
    – Material Safety and Data Sheets: Madmaxxx ChromeMadmaxxx Black

    * OBS: ingen vanlige dyser passer på disse – eneste dyse som passer er Ultra Liner eller den som følger med.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 89,00 kr inkl. mva

    Vannbasert kalk-spray til bruk både inne og ute.

    «Introducing the new waterbased removable paint MTN Pro Waterbased Color Chalk, from the Montana Colors Pro line. 10 highly opaque, matte colors designed specially for temporary application.

    Its formulation allows the paint to dry quickly to the touch without leaving loose pigment dust. For its removal we recommend scrubbing with a damp cloth or pressurized water, this way making for an easy cleanup. The less porous the painted surface, the easier the cleaning.
    The residuals from cleaning are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of, even down drains.

    Its quick and easy cleaning is much appreciated in temporary markings (such as construction, sports events, cinematographic decoration, guerrilla marketing, etc.) or any other situation where the versatility of spray paint and an easy removal is necessary.

    ‘Color Chalk’ provides an endless amount of advantages over standard chalks, and as for its removal you just need to moisten it with water.»

    ** Characteristics: 10 matte colors. Removal by moistening with water Dry to the touch once dried. No airborne dust. Non-toxic spraypaint – alcohol binders, and no harmful gases.

    ** Uses: Temporary marking signage, guerrilla marketing, decoration, industry, hobby, graffiti workshops…

    * MTN Pro WB Chalk safety sheet: HERE (.pdf)
    * Complete technical data sheet here: MTN Pro WB Chalk (.pdf)

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • 75,00 kr inkl. mva

    «The real bitumen – it is made for producing clear lines and sharp edges and more over, it stands for perfect valve sensibility because of the Flowmaster-ValveTM System. 1 to 20 cm lines are possible! It is a deeper, genuine bitumen. The precise fine valve adjustment let the output rate be almost two times bigger than usually. «All SeasonTM» – works at lowest temperatures and covers the BURNER Chrome after few seconds.»

    AVAILABILITY: Out of stock

  • 75,00 kr inkl. mva

    «The name is the program. MOLOTOW™-CoversAll products cover all at any time. MOLOTOW™-CoversAll 1 – ruff black, CoversAll 2 – outline black, and CoversAll 3 – black top are dedicated to cover all! Resistable and innovated by the MOLOTOW™ technology. The Bitum/Tar combination spray is one of the most succesful product innovations of MOLOTOW™. Since 1996 we have improved the whole CoversAll range from CoversAll 1, 2 and for three years we have been working at the Black Top Range (plus 750ml). Every CoversAll product includes the white/pink serial fatcap.
    The product is still faster, quieter, blacker and extremely light-resistant due to a new UV block that you can find in all CoversAll products, now. This ultimate deep black covers steel and absorbant surfaces. Black Top CoversAll 3 unites all characteristics of the CoversAll line, the undisputed number one of the bitumen range.»

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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