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«The Tinypink is a professional stencil cap which, once attached to the spray can, allows for ultra-fine lines. The spray jet, of just a few millimeters, is much more precise than with any other cap. It is the essential accessory for creating tiny details or for working in very small formats, on canvas for example. The Tinypink Stencil cap differs from the traditional Stencil cap by its paint recovery system. The excess paint no longer flows on the sprayer (and on the hands) or on the floor, the workspace is now clean. It is collected in a dedicated tank and can be reused thanks to the removable cap located at the bottom of the tank. No more waste of paint, the excess can be recycled in a marker or used with a brush for example.»

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Technical characteristics :

• Adapts to most spray cans on the market;
• Lightweight and easy to handle by both right-handed and left-handed people;
• 50ml tank. Warning: do not shake the can violently when it is full, and do not forget to empty it regularly to prevent it from overflowing;
• Resists acetone (solvent);
• Contents delivered include: the Tinypink Stencil cap, two reservoir caps and a nail to enlarge the diffusion hole according to your needs; the user guide is printed on the box.

Usage tips :

• The Tinypink Stencil cap is delivered by default with a deliberately narrow diffusion hole. This allows you, if the line produced is not uniform or not wide enough for your taste, to use the supplied nail to widen the diffusion hole. You can enlarge it until you get the rendering and width you desire.

Maintenance tips :

Like all reusable cap models, the Tinypink Stencil cap needs to be cleaned regularly. It is recommended to soak it in acetone, let the solvent act for an hour and then let it air dry. Once dry, it can be scrubbed with a toothbrush (or similar) to remove excess accumulated paint, it comes off in the form of flakes. Take care of your Tinypink and it will last a very long time.

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Dimensjoner 8 × 7 × 16 cm

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