Night Quill Low Rider

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The Night Quill attaches directly to the valve of the aerosol. Direct pressure on the cap is replaced by the use of a more ergonomic trigger, which offers more amplitude while pressing less hard. The Night Quill thus allows better control of the pressure on the heading, and therefore of the flow.

Orange model: NY Low Rider. Only compatible with New York type caps, equivalent to Medium Touch. Provides pressure equivalent to half of the heading but with a trigger bounce effect. The rebound allows for a more varied flow. Compatible caps: New York fat cap and Lego cap.

Different models of Night Quill are available depending on the type of flow desired, they are available here.

The Night Quill was originally developed to allow artists with tendinitis to be able to continue spray painting without pain. But in the end it turns out to be very useful for all audiences.

• For beginners: heading control, also called can control, is one of the most complex techniques and it takes a long time to learn. The Night Quill is therefore ideal for beginners who can quickly reach the same level of skills as a professional.

• For professionals: the Night Quill is recommended for precision work, but also for long sessions: the fingers are less stressed, therefore less tired.

• For children and people with disabilities: the pressure is less strong on the Night Quill than on the cap for an identical flow. It is therefore an ideal aid for children, who find it difficult to press a cap, but also for adults who wish to continue practicing despite physical problems (tendonitis).

Installation Tips:
1. The installation of the night Quill is done on a capless spraycan.
2. Gently pull aside the black ring before placing it without forcing it on the outer ring of the valve.
3. Raise the trigger and install the chosen cap.

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Dimensjoner 4 × 8 × 3 cm
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