MTN Pandora Cansafe

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«This unique product has the weight and feel of a real can, complete with rattling noise. Made of high grade aluminum with a rubber seal this can is the perfect place to hide your valuables in plain sight. From the outside, your first impression is that this is just a regular Hardcore spray can, but on the inside, instead of paint it has a hidden spacious compartment, to hide those things that are best left hidden from view. Made in Europe from an authentic spray can, The Pandora not only deceives you due to its appearance, but also because it makes the classic sound of a rattling can and weighs the same as a regular can. No matter how you handle The Pandora, it is absolutely impossible to notice its true nature. Provided empty.»

* Limited edition MTN Hardcore Stash Can
* Looks and feels like a real spray paint can
* Made in Europe from a real spray paint can
* Hidden air-tight compartment for stashing valuables
* Bottom is removable for stash spot

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