MTN 94 Graphic Marker 24-Set A (Main plus greys)

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«Pack of 24 main A color dual tip felt markers with a fine tip for drawing and a chisel tip for filling in color or doing calligraphy.
The colors are similar to a selection from the 94 spray paint color range and thanks to their translucent, alcohol-based ink, they may be combined in layers.
Try them out on the new MTN Books and be amazed.»

RV-1021 Light Yellow, RV-2004 Orange, RV-203 Oak Brown, RV-4010 Magenta, RV-3001 Vivid Red, RV-110 Yosemite Yellow (skulle være hvertfall), RV-182 Emerald Green (skulle være hvertfall), RV-34 Guacamole Green, RV-184 Rain Blue, RV-5005 Dark Blue, RV-173 Ultraviolet, R-9011 Black, RV-198 Stardust Grey, RV-7047 Siberian Grey, RV-118 Rita Grey, RV-262 Matter Grey, RV-7040 Pearl Grey, RV-119 London Grey, RV-120 Wolf Grey, RV-121 Icarus Grey, RV-7016 Anthracite Grey, RV-78 Metropolis Grey, R-9011 Black, og RV-000 Colorless Blender.

* Mer info og bilder her: MTN 94 Graphic Marker Sets

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