GVS Elipse P3 Starter Kit

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«This GVS P3 Starter Kit contains an Elipse P3 respirator mask (with filters), an additional pair of filters and a carrying case.

Paint sprays emit dust and gases that are harmful to the health of regular users. Whether indoors or outdoors, it is strongly recommended to wear a suitable mask to protect the respiratory tract. The Elipse P3 half mask from GVS is an ultra-compact, lightweight, flexible and reusable model offering protection against fine paint particles from aerosol cans.»

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Technical specifications of the Elipse P3 respiratory system:
• One of the lightest on the market: only 130g.
• Ergonomic: adapts perfectly to the face. Wide field of vision, allows the wearing of glasses or other visual or hearing protection. Does not cause discomfort even if worn for long periods of time.
• Large non-return valve: minimizes the user’s breathing resistance and condensation inside the mask.
• Lightweight, non-slip fixing strip: easily adjustable in 4 positions for greater comfort and safe use even in high humidity.
• Delivered with a pair of nuisance/odor filters for Elipse P3 mask which can be very easily replaced once worn. Filter refills are available here.
• Shelf life: 5 years. Filters usable 6 months after opening the original airtight bag.
• Hypoallergenic, odorless, latex and silicone free.
• Made in the UK.
• Mask is also available in S/M size here.

Filter protection level:
• P3 protection at 99.95% against particles: dust (small solid fragments suspended in the air), mists (droplets of sprayed or condensed paint) and fumes (toxic vapors created under the effect of high heat) .
• Nominal factor of 40: reduces the external concentration of particles by 40 times.
• Protection against micro-organisms.
• RD protection against odors.
• Operating temperature range: -5°C to +55°C.

Advantages of the Elipse P3 respirator mask compared to the FFP3 anti-dust GVS mask:
• More comfortable.
• Better sealing.
• Reusable.
• Interchangeable filters: reduced cost over time.

Carrying case for Elipse P3 mask:
• Keeps the mask and filters protected from air between uses: increased lifespan.
• Ergonomic design: perfectly matches the shape of the mask.
• Hard shell: effective protection against shocks. • Zipper and loop for carrying on the belt.

When to change the filters?
The filters can be used until they become clogged (when they become clogged) or can be changed if the user feels discomfort when inhaling. Lifespan depends on concentration in the workplace and activity level. The filtration level remains constant throughout use.

Do note:
If you are a regular user of aerosol cans, you also need protection against organic gases and vapors. We recommend the Elipse A1P3 and Elipse A2P3 masks (for rich environments).

• Mask complies with standard EN140: 1998
• Filters conform to BS EN143:2000/A1 P3 (R D)
• CE certified masks and filters.

– Complete info and technical sheet HERE (.pdf)

Vekt 0,8 kg
Dimensjoner 25 × 25 × 20 cm

S / M, M / L


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