KRINK Mini Sprayer

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New York writer and artist Craig KR Costello, founder of the KRINK brand, became known for his famous giant fire extinguisher tags. He thus popularized a movement that is still carried on today by the most radical writers.

The KRINK Mini Sprayer is a compact version of a pump sprayer: an object as aesthetic as it is formidable, for tag extremists as well as for collectors, who will all appreciate the quality and level of finish of the product, which has made it famous. of KRINK and its founder.

• Very handy: can be used with one hand.
• Precisely regulated pressure thanks to the hand pump.
• Adjustable tip to achieve the desired line.
• Dimensions: height: 36 cm, diameter: 13 cm.
• Capacity: 2 liters.

Delivered empty. To be filled with the paint of your choice, or with ink for maximum drips.


1. Recommended acrylic paint: thins and cleans up with water. Recommended starting mix: 1 part paint, 1.5 parts water. To be adjusted later.
2. Mix outside of the Mini Sprayer, for example in a bucket.
3. Fill the Mini Sprayer by passing the mixture through a mesh flirt (eg tights) to avoid possible clumps and other impurities that could clog the nozzle.
4. Close the container tightly.
5. Pump until resistance is felt on the handle. A slight hiss may escape.
6. Point nozzle at surface to be painted and squeeze handle to release paint. Turn the tip in small increments to adjust the line. If the flow is not uniform: dilute the mixture a little more with water.

To maintain an even pressure: continue pumping between sprays.
Between uses: pull the red valve to release the pressure.

Important: keep all components clean. Wash the inside of the Mini Sprayer and the outside after each use. Rinse all the parts under an abundant flow of water to remove all traces of paint, in particular the tube and the nozzle, in order to eliminate small bits of dried paint which could clog the Mini Sprayer.

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Vekt 1 kg
Dimensjoner 26 × 13 × 36 cm
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