Mr. Serious Coated Gloves

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Mr. Serious Nylon glove with PU coating on palm and finger tips – Black, i størrelser S, M, L, XL, og XXL.

«These are the perfect gloves for painting! Mr. Serious Gloves are made of sturdy nylon and feature a special polyurethane coating on the palm as well as on the finger tips.
Therefore you are not only keeping your hands clean while painting, but rather having great grip as well as the guarantee of not leaving any fingerprints behind. Moreover your hands are better ventilated than with conventional gloves which works nicely against the origin of sweat. Not only for this reason Mr. Serious Gloves are multi-reusable.»

Clean hands, no fingerprints left behind, strong, good grip, non sweaty, reusable; these gloves are a sure winner.

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S, M, L, XL, XXL