MTN Street Ink 1000ml

399,00 kr inkl. mva

«Sometimes, in the pursuit to yield better results from a product and increase its overall quality, companies are required to increase costs. This generally leads to a raise in product price at the final point of sale. This however is not the case when we talk about MTN’s new product, MTN Street Ink. It has been specially formulated and developed in our labs, MTN Basics, with the concept of keeping cost minimized whilst maintaining a quality that meets the demands of our customers.

MTN Street INK Characteristics:
– Maximum opacity
– Excellent UV and scratch resistance
– Interior and exterior use (low odor)
– Very resistant against most solvents

To complete our launch, we will be utilizing the empty dabbers in 30ml and 90 ml’s, to present our newest models, which will now come filled with Street Ink. These Dabbers are the best tools for these inks due to their excellent flow control and flexible body, along with the best nib/ tip of it’s type on the market.»
1000ml, kan brukes i alle typer tusj og squeezer; anbefalt å bruke med MTN Dabbers.

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