MTN Swatchbook

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Professional color chart 325 colors at your fingertips

The MTN Swatchbook presents the full array of MTN 94 and MTN Hardcore 2 color tones. This is a highest quality precision tool; ideal to plan color schemes of all your projects, be it on wall, canvas or other.

• 216 MTN 94 colors and 109 MTN Hardcore 2 colors
• Each sample is created from the actual paint of the spraycan in question, guaranteeing 100% faithfulness to the color tone.
• UV strength indicator enables you to properly plan each color application.
• Opacity strength indicator for each color helps determine how well the color will cover.
• Additional information such as which cap to use, and how they will react on the cans.
• Fan fold-out for quick easy access to colors
• Protective plastic cover helps keep the swatchbook in best condition

«This sample booklet is printed with the same paint from our spray cans so you can pre-visualize and plan your projects as closely as possible. To increase this booklet’s lifetime, we recommend storing it away from direct sunlight and handling it with care as a tool for precision.»

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