MTN Pro Paint Stripper

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This very powerful paint stripper can remove most markings made with aerosol paint or conventional paint. Its relatively fast action dissolves paint thoroughly on many surfaces such as walls, concrete, brick, stone, asphalt, metal, glass and wood. A slight discoloration may appear after cleaning.

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MTN PRO Paint Stripper is effective on both smooth and porous materials. Be careful, however, not to use it on a vehicle because it would also indiscriminately remove its original paint.

The other function of this stripper is simply to prepare and clean a surface before painting it, for example to restore objects. The advantage of the aerosol can: to strip complex parts more easily than using a brush.

User manual:

• The surface to be cleaned must be dry, degreased and dust free.
• In the case of a painted surface, the unstripped areas must be protected
• Apply copiously the stripper and leave to act for fifteen minutes. If the paint is very encrusted, the action time should be extended up to 24 hours.
• Clean with a soft brush for smooth surfaces and a metal scraper for porous surfaces.
• Repeat the operation until the marking to be treated has completely disappeared.
• Wash thoroughly with water if the cleaned area is to be repainted.

Corrosive product, wearing protection (mask and gloves) is essential. Please refer to the safety instructions on the aerosol.

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Dimensjoner 6,5 × 6,5 × 20 cm
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