MTN Pro Repositionable Adhesive

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The reposition-able glue MTN PRO allows to take off and re-stick the object from its support at leisure.

This aerosol adhesive has a formula based on acrylic micro-spheres which adhere like a Velcro. It is therefore possible to reposition the glued object many times before the fixing power begins to decrease.

* Complete technical data sheet here: MTN PRO REPOSITIONABLE ADHESIVE

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Colorless, the glue does not stain. It is the preferred tool for fixing light objects on porous support (paper, concrete, wood, fabrics, cardboard, skai etc.) and smooth (metals, plastics and glass).

The fact that the object can be re-positioned has advantages in many cases:

• Creative compositions such as Fine Arts, Scrap-booking, Stencil Art application, Do It Yourself or decoration,
• Creation of artistic collages indoors and outdoors, the UV resistance of the glue is good but it will be necessary to protect the work from humidity,
• Positioning of a photo or a print (for example) in a frame,
• Find the right placement before final bonding with contact adhesive, perfect for making volume models by architects or interior decorators.

Legal notice: dangerous, respect the precautions for use.

Vekt 0,5 kg
Dimensjoner 6,5 × 6,5 × 20 cm
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