MTN Pro Chalk Chisel Tip Markers 6-set

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“Set of 6 MTN Pro Chalk Markers, a selection of the 6 favorite colors of the range with an 8mm chisel tip.

The paint of MTN PRO Chalk markers is ideal for temporary marking as well as for ephemeral artistic works. Chalk paint has a texture similar to chalk. To erase it, nothing could be simpler since it is soluble in water. The less porous the surface, the faster the cleaning. Versatile, it is as effective for the temporary signage of an event as a workshop with children. At the end, a simple sponge or pressurized water will take care of leaving no trace on the support.”

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Technical characteristics :

• 8mm chisel point. Allows a line of 4 to 8mm. It is aimed at both taggers and calligraphers as well as lovers of Fine Arts.
• Water based.
• Low odor.
• Matt rendering.
• Excellent covering power.
• Fast drying. No dust left by pigments on the surface.
• Temporary water-soluble marking: washes easily with water on many surfaces (concrete, metals, wood, plastics, etc.).
• Scratch resistant: once the paint dries the support can be handled without fear.
• Transparent tube to keep an eye on the paint level and not be caught off guard.
• Very precise pump valve for uniform flow without overloading or dripping.
• Characteristic sign of MTN spray cans, a colored donut at the top of the cap makes it possible to quickly identify the color of the marker.

Surfaces and refills :

• Recommended support MTN PRO Magnetic Chalkboard spray-paint.
• Replacement tips: set of 2 MTN Marker 4 to 8mm beveled tips.
• Recommended refill (not chalk): MTN Water Based Paint 200ml.

Chalk markers share the same color chart as their predecessors, MTN PRO Chalk 400ml and MTN PRO Chalk 150ml aerosol cans. It is therefore possible to use them in symbiosis on the same project, without color variations.

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