MTN Industrial Vinyl Coating (Gummilakk)

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MTN Industrial – Multi-Purpose Vinyl Coating

«The vinyl coating is a matte, air drying paint that once dry, becomes a removable protective layer (peelable). Developed for the protection and customizing of objects. Weather-resistant. Can also give painted surfaces a grip-like tact due to its “soft touch” finish.»

– Easy to apply.
– Excellent removability (Peelable).
– Good covering capability.
– Good flexibility.
– Finish “Soft Touch”
– To paint on metals, plastics, glass and most 2K paints.

Instructions for use:
– Shake the aerosol well before using, approximately for one minute after hearing the sound of the mixer.
– Apply to clean, dry surfaces. We recommend cleaning the surface with a degreaser (alcohol, cleaning solvent, soap and water, etc.) or any other specific product that is suitable for the particular surface to be cleaned. Rinse with water and dry the surface.
– Apply 4-5 light layers to obtain the adequate thickness, while letting the paint dry between coats for approximately 5-10 minutes until a vinyl-like appearance is obtained.
– After about 12 hours, the vinyl layer may be removed as if it were adhesive film. By lifting an edge with your finger nail and peeling back the layer, all of the paint can be easily removed.
– After use, turn the aerosol can upside down and purge the valve. If the nozzle becomes clogged, replace it with a new one.
– Do not apply to connected electronic devices and use in well-ventilated areas.

Product info news (.pdf)
Safety data sheet (.pdf)
Technical data sheet (.pdf)

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Vinyl Black, Vinyl Blue, Vinyl Dark Grey, Vinyl Fluorescent Green, Vinyl Fluorescent Orange, Vinyl Fluorescent Red, Vinyl Fluorescent Yellow, Vinyl Green, Vinyl Metallic Aluminum, Vinyl Metallic Black, Vinyl Metallic Grey, Vinyl Orange, Vinyl Pearl White, Vinyl Red, Vinyl White, Vinyl Yellow

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