MTN x KRINK K-750 Black

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750ml samarbeid mellom KRINK og MTN; tilgjengelig i svart. Høy trykk stråle som kan nå opp til 4m over bakken. Sjekk videoene under for mer info eller mer her: MTN KRINK K-750 (.pdf)

«Krink NYC and Montana Colors Barcelona (MTN) are pleased to announce the MTN x Krink K-750, a very special can with unique properties.

3 Years in development, the K-750 is a complete can-redesign utilizing select valves, pressure, paint, and nozzle; truly one of a kind, there is no competition. The K-750 contains a massive 750ml of premium quality matte finish paint and is capable of creating lines up to 4m tall! (2m from extended arm, see video for more details)

A unique Krink concept paired with Montana’s advanced engineering, the K-750 sets a new standard in innovation. Krink and Montana Colors continue to design fresh and original products for today’s art-supply market and are committed to new ideas for an ever growing creative-community worldwide.
Go big or go home!»

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