Molotow Coversall 3 – 600ml

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«The name is the program. MOLOTOW™-CoversAll products cover all at any time. MOLOTOW™-CoversAll 1 – ruff black, CoversAll 2 – outline black, and CoversAll 3 – black top are dedicated to cover all! Resistable and innovated by the MOLOTOW™ technology. The Bitum/Tar combination spray is one of the most succesful product innovations of MOLOTOW™. Since 1996 we have improved the whole CoversAll range from CoversAll 1, 2 and for three years we have been working at the Black Top Range (plus 750ml). Every CoversAll product includes the white/pink serial fatcap.
The product is still faster, quieter, blacker and extremely light-resistant due to a new UV block that you can find in all CoversAll products, now. This ultimate deep black covers steel and absorbant surfaces. Black Top CoversAll 3 unites all characteristics of the CoversAll line, the undisputed number one of the bitumen range.»

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