MTN Ltd Edition MUSA71

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Limited Edition MUSA71 can, 500 worldwide.

«The number of pieces that she’s painted since 1989 when she began the discipline, the amount of places all over the world where she’s tread and left her name, and the quantity of writers with whom she has shared walls, experiences and laughs is incalculable. The crews she represents helps like a guide in explaining the attitude and role that her graffiti plays on the international scene. TFP and TDS have become legendary crews that represent the “New York old school” writers’ contribution to worldwide graffiti. FHJ represents her unwavering sense for friendship. Black Magic is a crew with which she shares the same values for commitment to graffiti and perseverance. Lastly, Fours represents the present and the future; this diverse mixture of passionate writers from different parts of the globe is united by a sincere bond of friendship.

Born in Barcelona in 1971, she has walked hand in hand with Montana Colors during her adult life, living out the evolution of this project that transformed into a brand from a front row perspective. However, the most admirable achievements of this wildstyle writer is undoubtedly having perpetuated the evolution of an unmistakable style, and having managed to consolidate graffiti as her way of life.»

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