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Limited Edition SCANER, 500 worldwide.

Montana Colors is honored to present the latest release in its limited edition series: a posthumous tribute to the Canadian graffiti writer and artist Alex Scaner.

“Graff writer, designer and artist, Alex Scaner was a monster on the graffiti scene. His multi- disciplinary approach, his exploration of different mediums, his relentless search for bigger and better spots, redefined the limits of contemporary graffiti. Originally from the South Shore of Montreal, Scaner started writing his name all over the streets of the big city at the age of 15. His drive and determination made him a master of all the aspects of writing graffiti which gave him his international notoriety.
In his work on canvas, Scan explored his different hand styles through abstraction and use of funky.»

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«Who was Alex Scaner? The legendary Quebec artist whose design features on our latest Limited Edition is portrayed by his nearest and dearest today in MTN World
By all accounts, the late Montreal writer Alex Scaner was a hardcore bomber, talented artist and astute businessman. He applied the same intense energy and warm humor to each of his interests, inspiring and pushing his friends every step of the way.
Coinciding with the launch of his posthumous MTN Limited Edition Can, we’ve gathered anecdotes from his wife Karine as well as members of his crews and his business partner.
This piece originally appeared in the first issue of Tramontana Magazine in 2018.»

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