MTN Pro Indoor Varnish

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Artists know that the aging and denaturing of a work is often caused by humidity and UV rays. MTN PRO Indoor Varnish now offers the best protection against temperature and light changes, in a non toxic water-based variant. The surface is maintained as it was on the first day and this for many years. The varnish is compatible with most paints on the market but also with pencil, chalk, charcoal and other watercolors.

* MTN Pro Line info here: MTN PRO INFO
* Complete technical data sheet here: MTN PRO INDOOR VARNISH
* Complete material safety sheet here: MTN PRO INDOOR VARNISH SAFETY

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MTN PRO Indoor Protective Varnish is a water-based, fast-drying acrylic varnish spray that offers high-quality finishes and durability on an array of surfaces.

Non-yellowing and available in three finishes: glossy, satin and matte.

Designed to increase the durability of furniture and indoor items, when applied directly on a porous substrate or paint, it smooths the finish and increases the color’s durability.

Depending on the porosity of the material to be varnished, two or three coats may be required.

Can be re-varnished after 30 min.

Complete drying in 12 hrs

Note: any varnish applied to a metallic paint (silver or gold type for example) slightly darkens the shade of the metallic paint. It is therefore recommended to make preliminary tests before final application.

Legal notice: dangerous, respect the precautions for use.

Vekt 0,5 kg
Dimensjoner 6,5 × 6,5 × 20 cm
Type finish

Indoor Varnish Matte, Indoor Varnish Blank, Indoor Varnish Satin

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