MTN Pro Luminous Paint 150ml

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This small format (150ml) is ideal for small projects or a color test. The 400ml version is available HERE

The phosphorescent paint MTN PRO is almost invisible during the day and recharges with light, then it shines in the dark after dark. Its uses are numerous and endless: graffiti, artistic works, models, DIY, automobile … The quality of the phosphorescent paint also makes it an ideal marking product to locate any object in the darkness, whether for practical, aesthetic or safety reasons: bicycle, door handle, etc.

* MTN Pro Luminous Paint safety sheet: HERE
* Complete technical data sheet here: MTN PRO LUMINOUS PAINT

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1. Technical specifications

• Water-based.
• Fast drying.
• Long-lasting shine. The intensity of luminescence depends on the quantity and uniformity of the paint layers.
• Easy to apply and cover.
• Good grip on the support.
• Does not contain lead or heavy metals.

2. Tips for use

• Use on a white surface. For example a primer with a matt white background.
• We recommend protecting the painted surface with a varnish of the acrylic type.

Note: unlike the rest of the range, the phosphorescent MTN PRO spray cans work with a specific female cap system, due to the ultra-pigmentation of its paint. Other caps are NOT compatible.

Legal notice: dangerous, respect the precautions for use.

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Dimensjoner 6 × 6 × 13 cm
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