MTN Pro Multipurpose Oil

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Product formulated with oils, solvents and additives. Great penetration, lubrication and protection of metals against corrosion. Very good results in loosening of metal parts. Displaces moisture to effectively prevent short circuits and help start engines. Can access hard to reach areas thanks to its long diffusor tip. Compatible with all kinds of oils and greases.

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1. Features

• High-penetration lubricant.
• Easy to apply.
• Good for loosening stuck parts.

2. Applications

We recommend this product to lubricate, penetrate and protect against corrosion.
• Lubrication of mechanisms, locks, hinges, garden tools, etc.
• Loosens the bolts and nuts trapped by dirt and lack of use.
• For renovations around the house, workshops, outdoor activities, etc.
• Essential for industry, transport, technical workshops and in the construction field to lubricate springs, cables, etc.

3. Instructions

• Prepare and clean the surface intended to be lubricated / protected before application. Remove the dust.
• Shake the container vigorously and spray abundantly on the parts or mechanisms which must be lubricated or released or where the humidity must be displaced.
• Let the oil penetrate the parts and move the mechanism so that the product can fulfill its function.

Do not use on live equipment and apply in well ventilated areas.

Vekt 0,5 kg
Dimensjoner 6,5 × 6,5 × 25 cm
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