MTN Waterbased 100ml 16-Pack

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A kit including a spray of each color from the color range Water Based 100ml. Ideal for workshops and leisure activities as well as initiation in the use of this painting technique. Even the little kids will enjoy painting with these aerosols based on resins which are easily cleanable with water.

The MTN Water Based 100 brings together everything that made the WB300 so successful in a miniature format.

Technical Sheet
Safety Sheet

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It is intended for beginners who want to learn the practice of the spraycan during workshops for example. Much less heavy than a large-format can, it is easier to use. It should always be applied under the supervision of an adult when used by a child.

Its low solvent content means that its odor is reduced. It is therefore suitable for indoor (with little ventilation) or outdoor use. The paint is soluble in water during the first 10 minutes of drying it is therefore possible to erase it with water or to rework it with other techniques such as a wet brush.

Once dry, the paint is resistant to exterior conditions and to bad weather (rain, washes, etc.).

Technical specifications :

• Low odor
• Box of 16 colors
• Matte finish
• Low pressure: more precision
• Format 100 ml: light and very handy, also for small painters. Avoid cluttering the shelves with half-empty spraycans.
• High covering power. Easy application and coating
• Quick drying and good adhesion
• Long-lasting color outdoors and indoors, thanks to the use of highly fade-resistant pigments.
• Polyurethane paint, formulation based on water-soluble resins
• Compatible with many substrates including expanded polystyrene
• The label indicates useful information for creatives: color match with MTN, Pantone®, Pigment, CMYK, and RGB references + UV resistance strength, degree of opacity, similar colors in the range.
• MTN Waterbased paint complies with European standard EN-71-3 category III concerning the safety of toys.

Some tips for paint diffusers:
The can is supplied with an original cap. Depending on your needs, use a universal skinny cap to obtain a line of only a few millimeters, a skinny pro cap for a fine but soft and flexible line, a lego cap for a medium contour line, a pinkdot fat cap for a wide line and finally an astro fat cap to obtain a very wide jet.

Vekt 2 kg
Dimensjoner 30 × 30 × 12 cm

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