MTN Speed 400ml

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«SPEED, the new high pressure paint from Montana Colors. Go fast or go home…

Once again, in the search for complicity of the most demanding writers, Montana Colors presents, SPEED.
Developed on the premise to be the perfect spray paint in situations where speed is very important, we’ve adjusted the paint’s output and quality to achieve some truly spectacular results.
Clean, uniform lines and a diameter that was only possible with the MTN Mega cans, yet in a much more convenient format and at an even more competitive price.
Optimum operation in extreme temperatures, tested in lows of -15ºC and highs of +35ºC. New formula: improved performance (+10%)

With the intention to surprise, and to accentuate even more so the covering qualities of the paint, there are 25 matt colors available in the SPEED line, 15 of which are previously unreleased colors. Each color has been selected based on the criteria of its opacity and of the pigment’s UV resistance.»

* General characteristics
400ml · High pressure · Highly opaque, matt paint · 25 Colors (15 new)
Fast drying · Works in extreme temperatures · Box of 6 units.
Sjekk mer info og bilder her: MTN SPEED 400ml (.pdf)

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