•  Mens vi venter på ny spennende levering… «Graffiti on trains & subways in the metropolis that unites Europe and Asia: Istanbul!» Original fra Drips – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I00mRSJ9fRM

  • After three years of hibernation I finally got out and painted something. Took the opportunity to catch some shots of the local Drammen legal eagles. A big thanks to Fredrik for hooking it up. Enjoy!

  •  «Last summer parts of the FOURS crew traveled to the city of Barcelona. Eskae, Roachi and Trace made the most of their trip and made a visit the facilities of Montana Colors in addition to, as expected, do what they do best. Eskae545 of Miami, Trace of New York and the Australian Roachi, also […]

  •  «Naples is one of the European capitals of graffiti, but also one of the most authentic Italian cities in terms of landscape, cuisine and urban life. This is about four writers from the Iberian Peninsula that went there to leave their names behind and enjoy a few days of adventure and fun.»

  •  «A continuation of the renowned Probation Vacation series, The Caucasus documents Utah & Ether’s travels to the capital cities of Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan, and reveals an intimate look at painting the metro systems of the region.»

  • «The launch of 46 colors in the water-based range also presents a new attraction for those who make use of the odorless characteristics of the spray for a sneakier type of use. « «As we have seen previously, Berlin is the city in which the use of Water Based 300 seems to have become a […]

  • «Estasky documents an end to end on Stockholm trains where TSK, FYL and FAME shake hands. The MTN Mega Silver and MTN Nitro 2G 500 are an infallible combination for action of this kind, where the last thing you expect is for your paint to fail.»  ** Kjøp MTN Mega 600ml HER

  •  «To wrap up the trilogy of Midnight Madness we are invited to visit the heart of Lisbon, a beautiful city and also the playground of Reis, a crew which with no doubt are the reigning kings of the current train scene.» *** Du kan kjøpe MTN MEGA COLORS HER og MTN MEGA SØLV HER

  •  «Released in 2001, this suite brings together more crew: 13ers 156, BASF, CLM (Controle The Metro), FMK, GT (Grim Team), MX, SMEs, SDK (Stealing Dealing Killing), TMA (Railway Mon Ami) of Liege, T? C (The Unknown Crew) and the Swedish WUFC (Writers United Fuckin ‘Crazy) in Stockholm. The action always takes place in Paris, […]


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