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MTN Liquid 200ml

«MTN Liquid renews its look and format and its color range has expanded, upholding its reputation as a top quality metallic paint. And above, with a little help from Leon Ka, we present a video that demonstrates the paint’s characteristics from an aesthetically mystical point of view. Three colors (gold, silver and copper) that can be utilized with all types of techniques. The metallic finish lasts longer due to its formulation, its dry time .

MTN Chisel 4-8mm Waterbased

  «The new “Chisel” model (4-8 mm): a marker with a compact, high- capacity, comfortable to use container that is available in the Water Based Marker range and in the Empty format for refilling. Equipped with a chisel tip that allows for lines of varying widths depending on the angle at which it is held. This format will soon be a classic due to its versatile nature. This marker facilitates sign painting and calligraphy .