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46 Nye Waterbased 300ml

«The launch of 46 colors in the water-based range also presents a new attraction for those who make use of the odorless characteristics of the spray for a sneakier type of use. » «As we have seen previously, Berlin is the city in which the use of Water Based 300 seems to have become a condition of sine qua non. So some performers, such as Jeico and Noak have decided to celebrate the expansion .

MTN Chisel 4-8mm Waterbased

  «The new “Chisel” model (4-8 mm): a marker with a compact, high- capacity, comfortable to use container that is available in the Water Based Marker range and in the Empty format for refilling. Equipped with a chisel tip that allows for lines of varying widths depending on the angle at which it is held. This format will soon be a classic due to its versatile nature. This marker facilitates sign painting and calligraphy .

Dabber Paint og WB 15mm

MTN Nettbutikk Nyheter – 20/10/2016 * Nye MTN Dabbers 10mm og 18mm Squeezer tusj fra MTN med 10mm eller 18mm rund tupp og fylt med 30ml eller 90ml høy kvalitet blank maling. Tilgjengelig i 10 farger fra Hardcore 2 linjen. Påfyllbare. * Kvantumsrabatt: -5% ved kjøp av 5 stykker og -10% ved kjøp av 10 stykker eller mer. – Klikk på bildene for å finne ut mer, takk. ** Nye MTN Waterbased 15mm 15mm vannbasert tusjer fra MTN – .